Friday, September 6, 2013

Interfaith Amigos, Is it possible?

Hi Everyone!

So a fun fact about myself is that I am a grad student studying history.  This semester I am taking two classes on religion with one being religious conflict.  Our first assignment is to watch a video clip on interfaith dialogue.  In the assignment we are to give a dispassionate and objective view of the video and its ability to persuade the audience of the validity of its thesis.  Now I have a lot of opinions on this clip that I could not share so I thought to do so here.

Firstly, I loved the humor these religious teachers brought to their presentation.  You could see the bond they share and the love they have for one another.  They were able to connect with their audience in a very empathetic and understanding way. (Needless to say I am a huge Three Stooges fan!)  I respect and agree with the need for interfaith dialogue but I don’t know if it is realistic.  Yes, these men were able to come together but I think it is a pretty rare occasion.  From what I see people are filled with too much fear to be able to have open and honest communication with people that may challenge their beliefs.  Not that the purpose is to challenge beliefs but I feel like people may get that impression if they went to talk with someone of a differing faith.  America is a land of extremes and duality and that is especially true with religion.  I think it would be difficult if not impossible for a majority of people to commence with interfaith communication.

So while I loved the video clip I guess I am a little skeptical if something like this could be accomplished in a large scale.  I hope that I am proved wrong in this and if any of you would like to start interfaith discussions please comment and let me know and maybe we can get something started.

Blessed Be )O(

PS. Here is the video clip mentioned. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Post

Merry Meet and thanks for stopping by. 

A little about myself…My name is Lauren, I am 24, I like long walks on the beach (Wait… that doesn’t belong hereJ) I have recently been discovering my spiritual path and want to share it with you all!  I would describe myself as a pagan atheist but I tend to shy away from classifying anything.  Anyway I am sure we will get to know an awful lot about each other in the future.  So for now I hope you all have a super amazing night!

Blessed Be )O(